Social Network Management

Managing your social networks.

Optimizing your social networks is one of the primary keys to guaranteeing the success of your business and increasing your visibility.

At a time when social networks are becoming more and more intensive, it will be essential for you to ensure their good management.

Duplex 38 manages all your social networks, whichever ones they are.

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Why entrust us with the management of your social networks?

There is often a temptation to manage them yourself, as it seems quite easy and fast. We manage our own Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts, so why not manage our company’s ones too? Although the publication of elements doesn’t seem over-complex, it is actually full of complexity that must be well-managed.

We will take care of writing and publishing your company news for you. Thanks to our experience, we will know exactly what terms and words to use to create a publication that will reach more customers and get to the point. Did you also know that we can advertise directly through social media? These targeted ads will significantly increase your visibility and bring customers faster and in greater numbers.

Why bet so much on social media?

When a user hears about your company, they will be tempted to look for you on social networks first. Your Facebook, Instagram or other social media account is your company’s showcase.

If your page has few followers and posts, poor quality photos or not many comments, the customer will not be attracted to your company and will look for another one.

At the moment, everything is about the visual impact, so your future customer will be reassured when they see a page that works, is well-liked and has a lot of content. Betting on Duplex 38 to manage your networks will only be beneficial!

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