Customized photographs

Regardless of your field, the visual quality of your photographs is paramount. These will give your website and your social media posts a true identity.

At Duplex 38, we favor a strong visual identity that suits your field.

For each project we deal with, we provide a professional photographer service to enhance your products and create a perfect visual identity.

Photographe liege





Your benefits and added value.

When you buy any product, you first look at its photo. Your first choice will be based on the image and what it gives off, the angle, brightness, colors, etc.

Once you have selected your favorite photo, you focus on the other important product details.

A professional photograph of your products will therefore ensure continuous growth in demand. Furthermore, the image of your company will only be more attractive to potential customers due to its professionalism and seriousness.

Photographe liege
Photographe liege

How it works.

If you are interested in our photography service, we will certainly get in touch to arrange appointments.

We can set up accurate and precise schedules to suit your field and your products Photography sessions will be scheduled in advance based on your availability, and there will be no need for repeat sessions on the same products.

Each appointment will be made in advance, and we will keep you informed ahead of the visits.

Once there, you will be free to guide the photographer according to what you want for your business. The editing will give you a flawless look reflecting your company image!

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