Company video

Creating a video for your business.

Company video Dubai ! Want to give your business more impact? Consider opting for a presentation video for the company itself, for a product or for all the services you offer.

A great introductory video will make a huge difference to your customers, leading them to follow you and become more loyal.

In addition, it will add a professional touch to your business.





Dynamic Media

Opt for dynamic media and forget classic presentations that don’t necessarily impact your customers. Your video will be talked about much more and will be able to be viewed via all appropriate media.

Its modern and bold approach, when published and viewed on all social networks, will attract as many customers as possible. Duplex 38 provides you with real professionals who will customize your video according to your company’s needs, your image and your wishes.

We are equipped with all the professional tools and materials to produce your videos with a flawless look that will catch the attention of your future customers.

Company video Dubai
Company video Dubai

Why opt for a video?

A video is often talked about more than a simple introductory text, and it will be more likely to catch your future customer’s eye. They will be more tempted to watch your video than read the entire text. This video will focus on the basics and be easy to understand for the customer watching it.
The video can be used for several reasons;
There are so many reasons to start with a video for your business and trust the Duplex 38 team!
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