Why conduct an audit for your business?

Auditing is one of the primary and essential steps in highlighting your company’s current situation and assessing its needs.

Its purpose will be to concretely identify what you need to improve your visibility on the Internet and the services we can put in place for you throughout our collaboration.

This audit will be the first step we will put in place at Duplex 38. Thanks to it, you will have a clear and precise vision of what can be brought to your company immediately and in the long term.

Audit web





Audit entreprise

The study

To carry out our audit, all points will be analyzed;

Your audit will be your company’s model; you will have the entire project presented and custom-made by our team for you. Each of our audits is tailored to the client(s) we work with. You will, therefore, be sure to have quality work that reflects your brand and company.

The audit will identify possible negative points in your current marketing strategy in order to improve them. In addition, our main objective with this audit will be to achieve perfect SEO for your website.

Duplex 38 is, therefore, available to create your tailor-made audit regardless of your project and wishes for your company and/or future company!

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